PCB applications for the green energy sector

Aug 9, 2022Applications, Testing

PCB applications for the green energy sector

As renewable energy markets grow and products become more sophisticated, high-grade PCB assembly design and production are playing an increasingly important role in the development and performance of green energy sector technology.

With net-zero targets clearly outlined, the momentum behind decarbonisation is gathering pace and demand for renewable energy products, such as electric vehicle chargers, solar panels and wind turbines, is rising sharply. At the same time,

PCB assemblies are critical to the operation of the electronic systems on which green energy products are built. The design and engineering processes behind the production of these products is highly complex, with the need for a high level of testing. The quality, durability and reliability of these components are also crucial, making specialist PCB assembly suppliers key partners to renewable energy product manufacturers.

Renewable energy sector tech and the role of PCB assemblies

The green energy sector comprises a wide range of industries, from solar energy, wind energy and electric vehicles to hydro energy, tidal energy and geothermal energy. The array of products and machinery that are manufactured by these industries is therefore diverse.

This means that the demands on product and machinery electronic systems, and in turn the PCB assemblies that power these systems, are equally as diverse and varied. These products and systems have very specific functionality and their uniqueness is reflected in the electronic systems and PCB assemblies they require.

Notably, requirements can differ not only on an industry-by-industry basis but also within the parameters of individual products, which can be supplied in various sizes and capacities. However, an assurance of electronic systems and PCB assembly quality is required across the board.

Green energy product challenges and PCB assembly requirements

Renewable energy technology is very often exposed to extreme meteorological conditions (sun, wind and rain, salt corrosion from marine environments, etc.) and it is critical that any and all systems and products can function to a high level throughout their life cycle in such circumstances.

Integral to final product performance under this kind of duress is the quality, durability and reliability of the PCB assemblies within these products. It is vital that PCB assemblies can withstand these conditions and consistently perform to a high standard. To this end, the ability to access such services as certonal coating, conformal coating and electronics potting is incredibly important for renewable energy product manufacturers.

Certonal coating is organic, non-flammable and has low toxicity, and will regrow over any reworked joints or components. Conformal coating is a thin polymeric film that conforms to the contours of a printed circuit board to protect its components from corrosion.

With electronics potting, the completed electronic assembly is filled with a solid or gelatinous compound to provide resistance to shock and vibration and for the exclusion of water, moisture, or corrosive agents.

What to look for in a green energy sector PCB assembly supplier

The green energy sector is a highly innovative, fast-paced field characterised by non-standard products that require bespoke components. This in turn means sourcing PCB assemblies from a PCB assembly supplier that is experienced in working to such demanding and high standards.

A specialist supplier of PCB assemblies renewable energy technologies should possess not only the expertise and experience to provide high-grade components, but also the flexibility and resources to offer solutions to complex functional specifications, adapting turnkey solutions as required, and to provide high-level PCB prototyping and PCB testing services.

Furthermore, against the backdrop of supply chain disruption and rising prices, your partner should also have the infrastructure and systems to offer you reliability and security amid challenging market conditions.

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