MPE assembles and tests complete products or assemblies as required by its customers. These products/assemblies may be delivered to our customers or in some cases direct to their customers.

Each product is different and requires the use of calibrated tooling and test solutions, bespoke test software and equipment, custom metalwork or plastics and bespoke packaging. The staff are trained in both the assembly and test of a particular product and the generic assembly skills needed to provide a product/assembly to the correct specification.

Working closely with our customers, we construct/produce the necessary tooling to ensure each product is assembled in a cost effective way.

We can work with companies from a wide range of industries to build sophisticated and complex products that provide vital functions.

Inspection and Test

In order to ensure our products fulfil their intended function, we undertake rigorous testing using a variety of methods to make sure every product works correctly.

Environmental Tests

Products or assemblies that are being used in harsh environments will usually require some form of test process to ensure reliability. As there is a large variety of potential conditions to emulate, ranging from extreme temperatures to volatile movement, MPE outsource environment testing to established, local partners with the breadth of equipment and technical expertise to produce the correct level of test. Environment testing is factored into project plans, with MPE managing all communication with the supplier, to ensure customers receive their products on time and to the correct technical specification.

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