Box Build Assembly

Best in class full box build assembly 

With MPE Electronics you have a contract electronics manufacturing partner who will not only produce high quality PCB assemblies but also your finished product.

With box build assembly, also known as full box build, turnkey assembly and product assembly, MPE can take on the comprehensive integration of your PCB assemblies into cases, enclosures or chassis, installing sub-assemblies or modules, and/or fitting additional components and cable harnesses.

Box build assembly services also include packaging and labelling, warehousing and delivery to your end customers.

Optimise your supply chain with MPE

Outsourcing your electronics box build to MPE allows you to consolidate your production with a single supplier, removing the need to manage a multitude of supply chain contacts.

Our end-to-end service includes logistical and distribution support, including delivery direct to your customers, meaning that your final product reaches your target market faster, with significantly reduced potential for delays or interruptions.

PCB Assembly

PCB assembly manufacturing

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Potting And Encapsulation

Potting and encapsulation

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Coating On Electronics


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Electronic PCB Testing


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Electronics Packaging Design

Packaging and labelling

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PCB Assembly Distribution

Warehousing and traceability

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Contact our specialist team to discuss your PCB assembly & Box Build requirements

Quality control and risk management

As with our PCB assemblies, your box build assembly will be put through a range of agreed testing procedures to guarantee that it is fit-for-purpose and performs to your specifications.

Involvement in the design stage of your PCB assembly all the way through to the box build itself ensures our expert team has a thorough understanding of your specifications.

We can also rigorously control quality and detect any potential issues using our New Product Introduction process, reducing the risk of error and the need for rework.

“We have worked with MPE for 7 years and have found them to be able to [effectively manage] our fluctuating delivery requirements. MPE schedules component deliveries, including sub-assemblies and other materials specific to us, providing the product on time. The product quality has always been excellent which gives us peace of mind when shipping products around the world.”

Managing Director, Flow Meter Supplier

MPE PCB Assembly Logistics Distribution

Logistics & Distribution

Guarantees your high-quality product arrives on time.

MPE Electronics Packing Service

Electronics Packaging

Solutions that deliver products in the optimal condition.

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