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MPE’s story began back in 1991, when a company called Millbank Electronics secured a prestigious contract to supply public announcement systems to the London Underground. While Millbank Electronics was responsible for the design and installation of the project, the mechanical and electronic assembly was subcontracted to two local companies in Uckfield, East Sussex: METEC Electronics and Phoenix Electronics.

Phoenix produced all wiring harnesses and chassis assemblies related to the project, whilst METEC was responsible for manufacturing and testing the PCB assemblies. Their combined effort ensured all delivery dates were met and none of the strict penalty clauses were served, allowing London Underground to continue to operate without significant disruption.

Fueled by this success, Ernie Castle and Mick Tate, directors of METEC Electronics, and Frank George and Keith Chamberlain, directors of Phoenix Electronics decided to join forces and establish MPE Electronics.

MPE Electronics Ltd is formed

MPE Electronics was formed, following the successful merger of METEC Electronics Ltd and Phoenix Electronics Ltd.

Factory Move

MPE Electronics Ltd moved to new facilities in Brambleside, nr. Uckfield, East Sussex, to expand production, never believing they would need such a big building.

Quality Accreditation

MPE Electronics Ltd is first registered with ISO 9001.

Extension to Brambleside

An extension is built to house three pick-and-place machines for surface mount assembly and extra benches for through hole assembly.

MPE Electronics Ltd opens its second factory

This Riverside unit is dedicated to box build and testing but also accommodates conventional PCB assembly.

Installation of an environmental testing chamber

MPE invested in a Sharetree TC/CYCLONE/600/-70/ME/LN environmental testing chamber.

MPE Electronics Ltd opens its third factory

Equipped with a brand new Mycronic MY300DX pick-and-place machine and an Aleader ALD625L AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) machine, this third facility accommodated further expansion and to accommodate fine pitch placement faster.

Revamp of Riverside facility

Our second facility, Riverside, is completely reorganised to accommodate production of a new product for an existing customer.

New Mycronic MY300 DX pick and place machine

Equipped with a brand new Mycronic MY300DX pick-and-place machine to accommodate fine pitch placement faster.

Investing in the future

When MPE was established, numerous companies were producing electronic products that relied heavily on surface mount technology. However, they faced challenges in finding medium-sized contract manufacturers capable of providing high-quality PCB assembly services.

In response to this challenge, MPE concentrated its efforts on the procurement, assembly and, whenever feasible, testing of mixed technology PCBs, seeking to provide solutions for customers who require their products to be assembled and shipped as fully integrated systems.

Technology is continuously changing, components are getting smaller, additional features are required, and demand for more compact electronic products is growing. To keep pace, MPE Electronics consistently invests in cutting-edge machinery and software to efficiently plan and produce PCBAs that consistently meet our stringent quality standards.

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