Electronics Packaging

Solving the complexities of electronics packaging

Electronics packaging is a complex area of electronics manufacturing, with fragile PCB assemblies and products needing to be kept safe from damage when being stored in a warehouse or in transit.

Providing the correct packaging is an essential component within our quality assurance procedures and our end-to-end box build service.

To provide essential protection from electrostatic discharge (ESD) and damage during shipping and delivery, individual assemblies are first placed in a static shielding bag before being wrapped in antistatic bubble wrap.

MPE can also package, seal and store moisture sensitive electronic components in moisture barrier bags that are also offer static shielding. Using a vacuum packer to pack the components in these bags, we also add desiccant packs and a humidity card, which will indicate the level of moisture within the bag once opened.

MPE PCB Assembly Logistics Distribution

Logistics & Distribution

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Electronic Manufacturing Box Build Assembly

Box Build Assembly

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