“We have worked with MPE for 7 years and have found them to be able to cope very well with our fluctuating delivery requirements. MPE are willing to schedule component deliveries, including sub-assemblies and other materials specific to us and provide the product on time. The product quality has always been excellent which gives us peace of mind when shipping product around the world. Knowing that our customers are receiving quality workmanship is very important to us”.

Managing Director, Flow Meter Supplier

“Our product has many variants and the market variation also drives change to the specification. MPE provide a flexible service that allows us to change requirements on a regular basis which MPE continuously achieve. The ability to change delivery dates at such short notice with the minimum of fuss helps MPE to be a “stand out” supplier in our opinion”

Operations Manager, Cambridge Hi-tech Control Systems Company

“The business we place with MPE is a small but critical electronic assembly that is a key constituent of a much larger product. All projects are very high profile with delivery dates that often carry penalty clauses with our customers. Communication of progress is a key service to us and MPE have developed processes for us that really work. I am continually looking to grow the business with MPE.”

Purchasing Manager, Information Systems Supplier

“We have worked with MPE for over 15 years. We manufacture products for the industrial measurement business, a market that places a very high dependence on reliability, quality and on time delivery. MPE have a reputation for high standards and to date we have been delighted with the reliability and quality of product supplied. We can confidently place orders with MPE in the knowledge that they will be delivered on time and we will be able to use the PCB assemblies in the heart of our products”.

Daniel Goodwin, Engineering Manager, Ex~i Flow Measurement Ltd

“We chose to work with MPE 4 years as we were looking for a local company with a good reputation for service that could cope with a high mix of assemblies at low to medium volumes. MPE have created an assembly solution for us that provides on time deliveries for 100 plus product variants on a monthly basis at a competitive price. MPE deliver on time with high standards of service.”

Purchasing Department, a High Voltage Power Supply Manufacturer