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MPE Electronics

your true contract electronics manufacturing partner

Our family-oriented culture sets the stage for all of our interactions with customers and suppliers, as well as our staff. At the core of our philosophy lies the mantra: ‘connections spark brilliance’.

Each and every customer receives the same unparalleled level of meticulous care, culminating in the assembly of exceptional quality final products that are tangible masterpieces of precision.

About MPE Electronic Assembly Specialist

Elevating your expectations

At MPE, quality is not just an objective, but a foundation for building high levels of trust and satisfaction with our customers and an opportunity to contribute to the enduring success of your electronic product in the marketplace.

ISO 9001 Accreditation
IPC A 610 Accreditation
Reshoring UK Accreditation

Our Talent makes everything possible

average number of years of service amongst our skilled team members, running to over 30 years.

50+ highly skilled staff, all IPC-A-610 certified

per cent customer satisfaction rate (according to 2022 audit)

Our Values

‘At MPE, we firmly believe in a set of core values that define and guide our business.
These values are applied in our day-to-day operations, and in our relationships with our customers, suppliers and the community.’

Nicola Evans, Managing Director, MPE Electronics

Our Values - integrity


We act with integrity at all times, regardless of the circumstances. We value transparency, honest and open communication, and always strive to do the right thing.

Our Values - trust


Trust is the foundation of everything we do.It plays a fundamental role in our relationships with our customers, suppliers, personnel and all stakeholders.

Our Values - reliability


We take pride in our reliability, meaning you can count on us. Our comitment to quality, traceability, high standards of service and accountability are what set us apart.

Our Values - flexibility


Flexibility is fundamental to our operations. We do our best to accommodate changes to our customers orders, including implementation of design changes, at short notice.

Our Values - Commitment


We are committed to delivering an excellent service to our customers through dedication, training, innovation, being forward-thinking and having a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Our Values - social responsibility


We place an emphasis on sustainability, protecting the environment and our community, and are committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion.

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