The Sectors We Serve

PCB manufacturing and PCB fabrication is an essential service for a broad spectrum of industries. MPE Electronics has a respected reputation for the delivery of high-quality products on-time.

A Diverse Range Of Industry Sectors

Flexibility and agility are essential when your customers work in one of these varied sectors and more:

Personalised Supply Chain Solutions

Each market requires a different supply chain solution for PCB manufacturing and PCB fabrication. Depending on the sector, decisions could include:

  • Ex-stock call-off from forecast demand
  • Extensive project management to achieve an end date
  • Variants of product that are often required at short notice
  • Kanban supplies
  • Make-to-order
  • Specialist processes and test solutions added during the manufacturing process

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Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services by MPE Electronics
PCB Board Soldering by MPE Electronics
PCB Assembly and PCB Soldering by MPE Electronics
PCB Assembly for PCB Board by MPE Electronics

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