6 PCB manufacturing processes to outsource that will benefit your business

Nov 17, 2020Contract electronics manufacturing, Full box build assembly, PCB assembly, Potting & coating, Testing

6 PCB manufacturing processes to outsource that will benefit your business

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, the outsourcing of PCB manufacturing processes has many benefits and it is essential that businesses have access to all the advantages that a contract electronics manufacturer can deliver.

For example, the right contract electronics manufacturing partner will offer a range of additional PCB manufacturing services that will further streamline your manufacturing operation, making it more cost-efficient and improving the performance of your products.

With more and more companies choosing to outsource PCB production, it is important to be aware of the full range of electronics manufacturing services. To help, we have prepared this brief overview of additional PCB manufacturing processes.

Additional PCB assembly processes to improve your products

When outsourcing your electronics manufacturing requirements, your contract partner should make a number of additional PCB assembly processes available, including:

1. Electronics coating – many circuit boards require a coating to give them essential protection against environmental factors, such as water and moisture ingress, dust and chemicals, and to act as a barrier against intrusive signals.
2. Electronics environmental testing – if your products are going to be put under stress and used in harsh environments, in terms of humidity, extreme temperatures or volatile movement, it is important that they undergo rigorous electronics environmental testing.
3. Electronics potting – PCB potting is another method of protecting assembly boards. This process fills a substrate enclosure, and often covers the entire circuit board, with a solid or gelatinous compound, which provides excellent resistance to a range of environmental hazards.
4. Electronics prototyping – the product manufacturing process often involves the need for prototyping. This stage is vital to the functionality and performance of your finished product. It is important that prototyping is carried out expertly and efficiently.
5. Turnkey PCB assembly – this type of box-build PCB assembly service is designed to deliver maximum efficiency, including the optimisation of lead times. Your outsourced partner handles all aspects of the PCB assembly project, including parts and components procurement and manufacturing.
6. Direct shipping to end customers – having benefited from outsourcing your PCB assembly, it is important that your products reach your end customer in perfect condition. The right partner will ensure that they do so, protecting them against various shipping hazards by packaging and transporting them properly.

How to benefit from additional PCB manufacturing services

PCB manufacturing and assembly can often involve additional processes that, if carried out expertly by an outsourced manufacturing partner, can save you time and money and improve your product performance and market impact. Key to obtaining these benefits is working with the right electronics manufacturing partner.

Make the right choice and use a contract manufacturer with extensive experience and a comprehensive range of services and your products, and your company, will be better equipped to navigate the market, from managing competition and meeting spikes in demand to protecting your market share and breaking new ground.

To find out how MPE Electronics PCB manufacturing and assembly services can benefit your business, contact us on +44 (0)1825 764822 or enquiries@mpe-electronics.co.uk.

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