Could now be the perfect time to outsource PCB manufacturing?

Aug 11, 2020Contract electronics manufacturing, PCB assembly

Could now be the perfect time to outsource your PCB manufacturing?

The Coronavirus pandemic severely affected businesses all over the world, with hundreds of thousands being forced to look at ways to stay afloat during the troubled times.

With the option to furlough staff being taken off the table, firms faced the fact that redundancies could be the only guarantee of survival, in a world where crippled economies, a downturn in productivity and failing industries were commonplace.

If your business is facing the prospect of future redundancies, how can you ensure that a reduction in staff numbers won’t affect your ability to meet your customers’ needs as and when products are required?

This is where outsourcing your contract electronics manufacturing to meet demand and therefore, maintain your business’ reputation, could be the perfect solution.

Assess your core competencies

Transferring production to the right contract electronics manufacturer is straightforward, especially if you are clear as to which parts of your company’s manufacturing process you can or need to outsource PCB manufacturing for.

To help you make that assessment, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your business have the in-house manufacturing capability to cope with the potential peaks and troughs of demand?
  • Would your business benefit from outsourcing aspects of your manufacturing process to a British contract electronics manufacturer with a specialist understanding of the technology that your product uses?

Cost efficiency and reliability is key

Having the right contract electronics partner, such as MPE Electronics, gives you access to:

  • dedicated manufacturing facilities
  • prototyping and manufacturing expertise
  • advanced manufacturing technology
  • a strong supply network
  • a comprehensive, transparent supply chain management system
  • broad testing capability
  • audited quality processes

Whichever part of the process you need assistance with, whether it’s PCB assembly, product assembly or more, our electronic assembly experts can offer a cost effective and reliable alternative to under-utilised in-house provision and the need to pay staff at times when productivity is low.

Your PCB assembly partner

The team at MPE is here to support businesses throughout these difficult times, with outsourced contract electronics manufacturing services which are fully robust and able to respond to the peaks and troughs of demand.

When you make the decision to outsource your electronics manufacturing, be sure that the contract electronics manufacturer you choose has industry experience, is fully compliant with national and international standards and has the manufacturing capacity, equipment and expertise to provide the levels of service that you and your customers expect.

Talk to us now about your manufacturing needs. We will examine your application, assess your assembly requirements and advise on the correct technology. We are able to handle any part of the outsource PCB manufacturing process, which includes purchasing, building, testing and beyond.

To find out how MPE Electronics can benefit your business, contact us on +44 (0)1825 764822 or

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