7 business benefits of outsourcing product assembly

Jun 11, 2019Contract electronics manufacturing, Full box build assembly

7 business benefits of outsourcing product assembly

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace and under constant pressure to stand out from the crowd, OEM and Tier 1 businesses are constantly on the lookout for greater efficiency and ways to gain a competitive advantage.

Increasing numbers are outsourcing their product assembly, working with an expert product assembly partner to help them stay ahead of their competition.

Why OEMs and Tier 1 businesses are outsourcing product assembly

Here are some of the business benefits to be gained by outsourcing product assembly to a trusted contract electronics manufacturer, such as MPE Electronics:

  1. Reduced overhead costs – by outsourcing product assembly, the need for assembly lines, warehousing and distribution facilities is eliminated. This translates to a significant reduction in overhead costs and frees up resources for core activities, such as product development.
  2. Simplified staff management – without those facilities to operate, your workforce requirements are reduced and simplified. This means fewer management costs and responsibilities, and the freedom to focus more resources on key talent.
  3. Improved efficiency and productivity – by using an outsourcing partner with dedicated product assembly facilities, product assembly expertise and advanced product assembly technology, you are enhancing your product assembly process, making it more efficient and improving productivity.
  4. Greater capacity and flexibility – the resources and capabilities of a product assembly partner give you the flexibility to meet spikes in demand for your product. This enhanced capacity ensures you maintain a high level of responsiveness and avoid increased lead times.
  5. Higher-quality products – one of the principal benefits of outsourcing your product assembly in the impact that working with a highly skilled partner can have on the quality of your product. You benefit from dedicated expertise and advanced technology, and your product assembly is carried out in accordance with strict national and international standards.
  6. Quicker time to market – your speed to market is accelerated by outsourcing your product assembly to a contract electronics manufacturer. You benefit from the efficiency of your partner, including a guaranteed supply chain, and, as a result, you can deliver a better product to market faster.
  7. Better equipped to innovate – by outsourcing your product assembly to a trusted contract electronics manufacturer, such as MPE Electronics, you not only benefit from their expertise and experience, but also give yourself more time and resources to focus on innovation and improving and developing your product.

In a fast-moving, busy marketplace, where OEMs and Tier 1 companies operate according to tight margins, these benefits can have a critical impact on product development, customer sales and bottom lines. That’s why outsourcing your product assembly will improve your business.

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