10 Reasons to Outsource Product Assembly to a Contract Electronics Manufacturer

Jul 10, 2018Contract electronics manufacturing, Full box build assembly

10 Reasons to Outsource Product Assembly to a Contract Electronics Manufacturer

In a fast-paced, highly competitive global marketplace, electronic product manufacturers are increasingly outsourcing product assembly to contract electronics manufacturers, as they strive to keep pace with technology, meet consumer expectations and protect profit margins.

Here are the 10 benefits of outsourcing product assembly to a contract electronics manufacturer:

  1. Cost-efficiency
    Operating in-house manufacturing facilities is expensive. Set-up and day-to-day operation require significant investment and outlay, limiting capacity for spending in other areas. Partnering with an experienced contract electronics manufacturer for product assembly is a more cost-efficient way of carrying out this work.
  2. Dedicated product assembly expertise
    By using contract product assembly services, you are assured access to dedicated expertise. This strategy removes the need for and costs of staff recruitment, retention and reward, while ensuring that the people working with your products are specialists, who are aware of and fully invested in technology development.
  3. Advanced product assembly technology
    When you outsource to a contract electronics manufacturer, you are able to take advantage of the latest technology. The upgrading of technology and equipment is required regularly and comes at a cost that can be prohibitive. Working with a contract electronics manufacturer removes this pressure while ensuring access to advanced technology.
  4. Better quality products
    The dedicated expertise and advanced technology that contract electronics manufacturers boast mean better-quality products. Your manufacture and assembly work is carried out in strict accordance with national and international standards, such as ISO certifications. This is particularly valuable in today’s increasingly global marketplace, where companies must comply with a growing number of these standards.
  5. Better lead times
    Speed to market is critical in a competitive marketplace and contract electronic assembly specialists have the resources and stock to ensure that market needs are met quickly. Furthermore, by using a contract product assembler, you can count on guaranteed supply chain management and have confidence in every component that goes into your product.
  6. Greater product assembly capacity
    Order size and frequency can fluctuate; working with a contract electronics manufacturer is a cost-efficient way to manage this fluctuation in market demand. A contract product assembly company has the capacity and resources to deal easily with spikes in demand. This guarantees that you always receive exactly what you need when you need it.
  7. One-stop shop for product and PCB assembly
    The scope of product and PCB manufacturing activity often increases. Quickly and efficiently meeting these demands may not be possible at in-house manufacturing facilities whose focus is very specific. A contract electronics manufacturer will have a greater range of resources, services and connections, giving you the ability to easily and successfully embrace such developments.
  8. Product assembly problems resolved quickly
    Problems happen, issues arise – but what matters most is how they are addressed and resolved. When you outsource product and PCB assembly, you know that the expertise and experience are there to make sure remedial work happens quickly and efficiently. Wrongs are swiftly righted without impacting schedules or profit margins.
  9. More time to focus on innovation
    Using a contract electronics manufacturer for product and PCB assembly guarantees high manufacturing standards and a consistently high-quality product on the market. It also frees up more of your time and resources for innovation, to improve and develop your product. This all adds up to:
  10. Happier customers and better sales.

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