The equipment we currently use is listed below.

Kit Preparation / Materials Control

1 x Elite Engineering Axial Component forming Maching
1 x Boss Z2000 Component vacuum sealing machine with nitrogen

Surface Mount PCB Assembly

3 x DEK Infinity Automatic screen pasting machines
1 x Tetra 23” Stainless steel foil loading system
2 x Mydata MY15 Pick and Place machines with full optical alignment and component verification system
1 x Mydata MY19 Pick and Place machine with full optical alignment and component verification system
1 x Circuitmaster profiler
1 x BTU International Paragon 98, 7 zone convection reflow oven
1 x BTU VIP 98, 7 zone convection reflow oven
1 x BTU International Pyramax 98, 7 zone convection reflow oven
1 x SLC500 Vapour Phase Oven
1 x Blundell SC800 Stencil cleaning machine
1 x Mycronic MY300DX pick-and-place machine
1 x Mydata SMD Tower 6150-15

Through Hole PCB Assembly

1 x Blundell CMS400LF Flow soldering machine (Lead Free)
1 x Weller Hot Plate WHP3000
20 x Weller High Temperature Soldering Irons
2 x FKN SYSTEK PCB Depaneling machines

Inspection/Quality Control

1 x Ersascope with x 400 magnification
1 x Mirtec MVL-3 Automated Optical Inspection Machine
6 x Mantis Viewing stations with x4 and x8 magnification
1 x Teknos ESD Continuity tester
2 x SRM-100/3 Surface resistance meters for benches and floor area
1 x Weller WCB2 Digital thermometer
1 x Brother P-Touch 2730 Serial label printer
1 x Aleader ALD625Lpro Automated Optical Inspection
1 x Europlacer ALD625 Automatic Inspection Machine


1 x EMP 21 Programmer plus adaptors
1 x Galep 5 Programmer plus adaptors
1 x Leap Electronics LER-121A Eprom Eraser
1 x X-JTAG Test runner
1 x Sharetree Cyclone with Ramp rate +/- 20°C Environmental Testing Chamber

Plus a range of standard test equipment including; PSU’s, DVM’s Scopes and Frequency Generators.


1 x Acota Optima coating machine. Certonal Flurorpolymer coating materials


4 x Hako Temperature controlled hot air rework station
1 x PDR X410 IR Ball Grid Array placement and rework system

We invest to suit bespoke requirements where appropriate and are adding to this list all the time. Speak to us about your project and see what we can do for you.

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