Investing in the Future

Jul 11, 2017Company News, PCB assembly, Testing

Investing in the Future

Having the right equipment and capabilities to fulfil all our clients’ PCB assembly and product assembly needs is a huge source of pride for the team at MPE Electronics. That’s why we have embarked on a major investment programme in new technology and staffing to expand our operations and extend capacity.

Increasing demand and the ever-changing nature of complex printed circuit board assemblies make keeping up with the latest technology, machinery and expertise essential, in order to continue giving our customers the best service and the best PCB assemblies.

Here, Operations Director, Frank George, outlines how he is controlling the £100,000+ investment programme to keep MPE Electronics up-to-date with advancements in electronic manufacturing, whilst also responding to customers’ needs.

Expanded Capacity

In addition to replacing all of our computers with faster and more powerful ones to make everything we do slicker and more efficient, we are also investing in a new selective soldering machine that will increase capacity.

Capable of running for nine to ten hours a day with minimal human contact, the selective solder machine will create highly repeatable results and increase efficiency by performing a number of time-consuming, manual processes.

These improvements – the new IT equipment and solder machine – will allow us to deliver an even more efficient service and speed up turnaround times.

Environmental Testing

Another way we are extending and improving our operation is to increase our quality assurance facilities to ensure our products can withstand the environmental conditions our customers require. Having this equipment in-house will allow us to keep a close control on quality, speed up order turnaround times and provide an even more reliable service and end product.

Growing the Team

The team is everything here at MPE. We believe in investing in our people as much as in our equipment. To effectively expand our operation and capabilities, we are actively expanding our team. We have already taken on five new people, who are now working in our quotation department, engineering department and on the shop floor, and are looking to add another three or four more staff members in the coming weeks.

Examples of new roles we have created to increase efficiency are a new person in the quotation department focusing on re-quotes for quotes more than six months old. We have also taken on an administrative assistant in the engineering team to do the paperwork leaving the engineers free to engineer. These new team members enable us to keep up with our customers’ increasing requirements.

MPE Electronics has an excellent reputation for continual investment in and delivery of the highest quality of service in contract PCB assemblies and electronic products. Contact us now on 01825 764822 or to find out how our contract PCB assembly expertise could benefit you.

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