Before any production begins, we work closely with our clients to establish their exact requirements for a PCB assembly. Our team can then provide a quote based on component pricing and availability, as well as manufacturing demands. Computerised stock management systems allow us to determine the availability of materials through major worldwide distribution outlets. Once all this has been agreed with the customer, manufacturing begins.

Automated Surface Mount Assembly

The PCBs are pasted, assembled, soldered and inspected using our automated production lines, which are capable of processing the majority of currently available electronic components.

Through-Hole Assembly

Through-hole assembly is also widely used and, in some cases, leaded components are pre-formed, manually inserted and either automated or hand soldered. The techniques and materials used are dependent on the design of the board, the batch size and the intended usage.


We achieve the highest standards of inspection. For fast optical inspection we have in-line specialist Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) systems, which use true character recognition and a variety of lighting techniques to identify solder defects. For manual inspection, we use Mantis 2x to 10x viewers and an EV microscope with 10x to 50x magnification, enabling us to identify manufacturing defects.


We use a range of test equipment, our own and our customers’, to ensure the PCB assemblies are fit-for-purpose and perform their functions to the defined specifications.

Conformal Coating/Potting

The application that a Printed Circuit Board assembly (PCBA) will be used in may mean that it requires coating (or potting, as it is also known). Coating materials are many and varied and the required protection can vary from water/moisture ingress to providing a barrier/protection to signals in an electronic circuit. Our in-house coating services use a Certinol material and we will outsource to a reliable supplier if different coating materials are required. Alternatively, where the contract is of a significant size or the process/material is requested by many customers, MPE look to adding the required coating to its in-house services.

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