Quality Assurance in Contract PCB Assembly

Mar 21, 2017PCB assembly, Quality & compliance

Quality Assurance in Contract PCB Assembly

Printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA’s) are very often the critical element of an electronic product and they have to meet very specific operating criteria.

Quality assurance in PCB assembly

For the PCB and Product assembly specialist Quality assurance is a series of defined systems and processes that culminates in final test and inspection routines but begins with the systems used to produce the database that defines the specification of the product, the processes used for manufacture and the controls used to purchase components.

Purchase orders for components will match completely the specification as stated by the design authority and will be supplied from approved sources only. Additional assurance comes from the fact that the supplier of the unpopulated Printed Circuit Board (PCB) will comprehensively test to ensure that there are no defects before the assembly process takes place.

Quality assurance is also a factor in the way components are handled and stored by the PCB assembly specialist. Strict storage and handling methods will be prescribed and followed to ensure the quality and reliability of each and every part used. Electro-static sensitive precautions are in place at every handling stage to ensure that components are not damaged and components that are sensitive to moisture will follow strict handling processes including the ability to “bake” the component.

Automatic Optical Inspection

The latest surface mount assembly machines will check that the part used in the assembly process matches its specification and, when the PCB is populated, high speed Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) machines can verify that the part fitted to the PCB is in the right place and matches not only the specification but is also soldered correctly.

All components subsequently placed by hand or by other semi-automatic processes are quality assured using various methods of in-line and off-line inspection techniques. Finally, and only after all the inspection stages have been successfully passed, a verification test will confirm what the process has been designed to deliver – that the assembly or product will meet the standards required when in use.

Continuous investment in QA

At MPE, we take product quality very seriously, using the latest equipment and systems to make sure our PCB assemblies meet our clients’ specification.

We ensure that excellence in quality assurance runs through every stage of the assembly and test process and this, combined with experienced, trained and motivated staff, ensures reliable product is despatched to our customers.

MPE Electronics prioritises investment in new inspection and test technology to make sure every PCB assembly functions correctly. Our recent £80k investment in a new AOI machine, which can inspect a complex populated printed circuit accurately, and at high speed, enables us to increase throughput with no risk to the quality of our PCB assemblies.

Contact us now on 01825 764822 or enquiries@mpe-electronics.co.uk to find out how our quality assured contract PCB assembly expertise could benefit you.

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