The MPE purchasing team is responsible for ensuring that all components purchased meet the standards set within the specification for an assembly. To do this they use their experience to decide the most appropriate suppliers for the range of components or manufactured items that are to be purchased.

The team have access to the latest software that informs them of stock availability around the world enabling them to potentially reduce lead times and cost.

When received each component needs to be stored, handled and if required tested such that the assembled product will meet the specification and perform reliably. The definition of the handling requirements of each component are stored within the engineering database at MPE.

Thousands of components are purchased and delivered from many suppliers on a daily basis and the computerised Enterprise Requirement Planning (ERP) system is informing the purchasing team of the requested and expected delivery date of each part. Storing information within the system about the expected delivery date of a component ensure that the production operation is planning its capacity to meet the customers delivery date.

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