Rigorous testing for optimal performance

Testing is an integral stage of the design and development, and manufacture of your electronics product. MPE does not carry out batch testing. Instead, our internal Quality Class 3 certified team uses a variety of methods to test the performance, reliability and safety for use of each individual PCB assembly to your specification.

In-house testing methods

We provide the following in-house testing methods as a critical stage in our PCB assembly services, or as a standalone service:

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI): is an automated visual inspection process whereby advanced optics, cameras, and image processing capabilities are used to visually inspect for defects, surface feature errors, and quality issues. Find out more about our AOI service here.

Customer-specific functionality testing: entails testing in accordance to desired unique product characteristics, typically carried out manually using bench-top testing or automated using Automatic Test Equipment (ATE).

PCBA testing is pre-emptively factored into the PCB assembly production process and all information is meticulously communicated to ensure on-time delivery of your product along with corresponding technical specifications.

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On-site PCB environmental testing chamber

PCB environmental testing employs a specialised chamber to simulate diverse conditions, ensuring peak performance of circuit boards or assemblies intended for use in extreme environments.

Having invested in our own environmental test chamber, we have the technical expertise in-house to test according to the profiles supplied by our customers. This gives us complete control of the testing process, ensuring an efficient supply chain for your product development process.

Different products require different levels of testing. PCB assemblies that are used in harsh environments need more extensive testing owing to the variety of conditions they might face, ranging from extreme temperatures to volatile movement. PCBAs less likely to come into contact with extreme environments during their application only require more basic levels of testing to ensure their effectiveness.

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