What to look for in a box build PCB assembly service

Mar 8, 2022Contract electronics manufacturing, Full box build assembly

What to look for in a box build PCB assembly service

Box build PCB assembly is a service frequently used by OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers. This end-to-end solution can be tailored to specific project needs and is designed to maximise the efficiency of the PCB assembly process.

To help you get the full range of benefits from this service and to choose the right contract electronics partner, we have put together this short guide to box build PCB assembly services and what to look for in a box build PCB assembly service provider.

What is box build PCB assembly?

A box build PCB assembly service is an end-to-end manufacturing solution that spans PCB design, PCB assembly including the boxing of PCBs into cases, enclosures or chassis, and the preparation and delivery of finished products.

The turnkey service can be designed around your specific application needs and can range from the simple fitting of a PCB into an enclosure to the installation of sub-assemblies or modules and the fitting of other components and cable harnesses. It can also include potting or encapsulation and final application testing.

A box build PCB assembly service can include:

PCB manufacturing and assembly

What are the benefits of a box build PCB assembly service?

The turnkey nature of a box build PCB assembly service, and the operational and cost efficiencies that such a solution offers, is a major attraction for OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers looking to deliver a quality product to market while maximizing profitability.

Whether you need a full turnkey service or your box build PCB assembly requirements are bespoke, by outsourcing the process to a single specialist electronics manufacturer, you are simplifying your supply chain management, including component sourcing, and you have a strong guarantee of consistent quality and optimised lead times.

Your project is strictly controlled from start to finish and every step is carried out under the same roof. There is no shuttling of parts between different service providers. This removes the risk of damage or loss during packaging and transportation.

How to choose the right box build PCB assembly service provider

To fully benefit from the advantages that a box build PCB assembly service offers, it is important to use the right contract electronics manufacturer.

The outsourcing partner that you need will have the expertise, resources and flexibility to supply you with a finished product that is fully tested and packaged according to your specifications.

They will have the know-how to guarantee assembly and product quality, the experience to provide guidance when and where it is required and the adaptability to provide the level of build and product delivery that you require.

The right contract electronics manufacturer will also optimise your post-manufacturing product management, allowing you to efficiently and quickly meet customer demand and make changes to your application should they be required.

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