Electronics Packaging

PCB packaging needs to protect it from extreme temperatures, mechanical damage and more.

The packaging will not protect the assemblies against extreme temperatures but what it does offer is protection from electrostatic discharge (ESD), which is absolutely critical, this packaging is called static shielding packaging.

We use antistatic bubble wrap to protect the PCB assemblies from damage as well as ESD when shipping/delivering. Each individual assembly is placed in an static shielding bag before being wrapped in the bubble wrap.

MPE also has the facility to package, seal and store moisture sensitive electronic components in moisture barrier bags that are also static shielding. We use a vacuum packer to pack the components in these bags into which we also place desiccant packs and a humidity card, which will indicate the level of moisture within the bag once opened.

The complexities of electronics packaging

Electronics packaging is one of the more complex areas within packaging in general. The optimal printed circuit board packaging needs to be used to keep the products, which are considered fragile, safe.

The proper printed circuit board packaging is an essential component within our quality assurance procedures. We provide a solution that delivers the product in the optimal condition for our customers.

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