Electronic product prototyping and new product introduction

May 10, 2021Contract electronics manufacturing, Full box build assembly, PCB assembly

Electronic product prototyping and new product introduction

PCB prototyping and manufacturing is a critical part of the electronic product design and development process. This expertise has a direct impact on overall product quality and project cost-efficiency.

It is not easy to get the new production introduction process right and a lot depends on its successful delivery. As such, whether the process is managed in-house or by an electronic product design company, it is important that a comprehensive and well-organised plan is in place, including with regard to PCB prototyping and manufacturing.

With the right PCB assembly partner and box build partner, you can move more confidently from the initial design phase to full volume manufacturing, and be better placed to deliver a quality product to market in the timeframe you want.

New product introduction and the role of PCB assembly

The new product introduction process needs to be navigated expertly and efficiently, from product design and initial prototyping to final prototyping and full manufacturing. PCB design and development is an integral part of this journey.

Key stages of the new product introduction process are:

  • Initial product design
  • Primary prototyping
  • Product development
  • Secondary prototyping
  • Pre-production manufacturing
  • Full manufacturing

Your PCB assembly partner should be able to provide the specialist advice, and prototyping and manufacturing services that ensure that the new product introduction process is completed as smoothly and as quickly as possible, and that the final product is of the highest standard.

When to get a PCB assembly partner involved

The earlier a PCB assembly partner is involved in the electronic product design and development process, the more beneficial their impact will be. The ideal time to involve your partner is at the primary prototyping stage.

PCBs are an intrinsic part of electronic product design and expert input for PCB manufacture and assembly early in the product development lifecycle will ensure that the process moves efficiently and quickly, and that quality standards are high.

A contract electronics manufacturer that specialises in PCB prototyping and manufacturing can assemble, test and manufacture product PCBs, providing guidance and highlighting any potential design problems, which can help ensure that the final product has the maximum impact on the market.

New product introduction and your PCB assembly partner

Whether you carry out electronic product design and development in-house or you’re an electronic product design house, the importance of the new product introduction process, and the prototyping that is part of it, cannot be understated.

To be able to deliver a successful new product introduction process, on which so much rides, and a high-quality product that can perform well in an increasingly competitive and price-sensitive market, it is vital to have an expert PCB assembly partner.

Your partner should have the expertise, flexibility and resources to work with you how and when you want, however the electronic product design process develops, and to consistently and cost-efficiently deliver high-quality PCBs for prototypes and final products.

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