In 1991, Millbank Electronics based in Uckfield, was awarded a prestigious contract to supply public address systems to London Underground. This was a contract that came with severe penalty clauses for not meeting delivery deadlines. The manufacturing was subcontracted to two local companies METEC Electronics Ltd. and Phoenix Electronics Ltd.

While Millbank Electronics was responsible for the design and installation, Phoenix Electronics produced all the wiring harnesses and chassis assemblies and METEC manufactured and tested the PCB assemblies. The contract provided enough work for 30 full-time staff and 25 contractors around the clock, seven days a week and for six months. The combined effort meant all delivery dates were met, no penalty clauses were served and London Underground continued to operate without severe disruption.

The contract was so successful for all parties that Phoenix and METEC made the decision to merge and MPE Electronics was formed.

Quality PCB assembly solutions

At the time MPE was founded, many companies were developing products using surface mount technology but finding it difficult to partner with medium-sized contract manufacturers with the skills to deliver quality PCB assembly services. MPE focused its business on procurement, assembly and, where possible, testing of mixed technology PCBs. We sought solutions for those who preferred their products to be built and shipped as a complete system.

Technology is continuously changing, components are getting smaller, additional features are required, and products are more compact than they were. To keep pace with the fast-moving technology scene, MPE Electronics has continuously invested in the best machinery and software to plan and produce customer requirements to ensure the quality standards and deadlines are met every time.

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