The essential guide to coatings and potting in PCB assembly: Certonal coating

Mar 9, 2021PCB assembly, Potting & coating

The essential guide to coatings and potting in PCB assembly: Certonal coating

The application of a PCB protective system is an essential part of the electronics manufacturing process. The electronics coating that you choose will have a direct impact on the quality and performance of your product.

As PCB assembly adapts to key electronic manufacturing trends, with products becoming increasingly complex and smaller in size, the role of PCB protective applications is growing increasingly important.

To help you make the right decision about PCB protective technologies and choose the coating best suited to your needs, we have put together this short guide to certonal coating in PCB assembly.

What is certonal coating of a PCB?

Certonal coating is a non-flammable, low-toxic protective transparent film that is used to cover circuit boards, providing them with protection against various environmental and physical factors.

This choice of PCB protective system is well suited to many types of circuit board and product, in particular those with strict weight and thickness restrictions and where space is limited.

Certonal coating aids circuit board and component reliability and longevity, which in turn contribute to higher quality standards, better product performance and enhanced brand reputation.

The benefits of certonal coating in PCB assembly

Certonal coating offers a wide range of benefits for electronics manufacturers, including:

  • Protection against environmental and physical factors, such as water ingress, humidity, chemical and corrosive attacks and mechanical and thermal shock.
  • Cost-efficiency. Certonal coating costs less than conformal coating and can help optimise manufacturing costs and protect margins without sacrificing quality.
  • An invisible finish. In contrast to conformal coating, which produces a thick, visible finish, the invisible finish of certonal coating doesn’t impact the look of a product.
  • More environmentally friendly. Certonal coating is kinder to the planet than other coating technologies and can be part of a rigorous social responsibility strategy.
  • Easily reworkable. Certonal coated boards are easier to rework and repair than conformal coated boards, helping to optimise costs and performance.

Certonal coating and your electronics manufacturing partner

As circuitry becomes more sophisticated and demands on manufacturers grow, both in terms of product technology and cost management, more and more companies are choosing to outsource production. When it comes to PCB protective systems, as with other aspects of PCB assembly, it is vital that you choose the right electronics manufacturing partner.

The right contract electronics manufacturer will offer expert advice and in-house coating and potting services, which will ensure that you make the correct decisions and can access the PCB protective technology services that you need (whether as part of a turnkey PCB assembly service or on a stand-alone basis).

Choose the right outsourcing partner – one with a proven track record in PCB assembly and a wide range of specialist facilities – and you will get the product quality, cost-efficiency and manufacturing optimisation that you need for your products to perform well on the market.

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The benefits of certonal coating PCB assembly

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