Turnkey or bespoke? How best to approach electronics manufacturing outsourcing

Jan 12, 2021Contract electronics manufacturing, Full box build assembly

Turnkey or bespoke? How best to approach electronics manufacturing outsourcing

OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers are increasingly outsourcing electronics manufacturing and a common feature of their requirements is how much they can vary. When it comes to choosing an outsourced electronics manufacturing partner, it is therefore important to select one that can offer both turnkey and bespoke PCB assembly services.

Manufacturers have different PCB manufacturing and product assembly requirements, and these needs can change on a job-by-job basis. In order to be assured of consistent quality, manufacturing process efficiency and product performance, you need to work with a partner that offers expert guidance, a wide range of services and the flexibility to easily pivot between changing requirements.

Which is the better fit – turnkey or bespoke PCB assembly?

The right electronics manufacturing partner will offer both a turnkey PCB assembly solution and a full range of electronics manufacturing processes that allow you to pick and mix your service requirements to suit your project needs.

Furthermore, your PCB assembly partner should be able to advise you on which solution, whether end-to-end or bespoke, is best suited to your product. They should have the experience and expertise to ensure that you make the right decisions on outsourcing your electronics manufacturing.

What is a turnkey PCB assembly service and is it for you?

The use of a turnkey PCB assembly solution is a common strategy. This type of box-build outsourcing service is designed to deliver maximum efficiency, including the optimisation of lead times for customers for whom speed to market is critical.

PCB and product assembly are at the core of this end-to-end manufacturing service, with production tailored to individual customer needs. Your outsourced manufacturing partner handles all aspects of the PCB assembly project, including the procurement of parts and components and manufacturing.

Bespoke PCB assembly and additional electronics manufacturing processes

Some manufacturers and some electronics manufacturing projects require a bespoke assembly service. While PCB and product assembly are again core components of the service, these projects require additional manufacturing processes.

Additional outsourced PCB assembly services can include:

  • PCB layout and design which helps customers optimise the design of circuit boards for their products, delivering optimum performance and manufacturability.
  • Certonal coating which provides essential protection for circuit boards against various environmental factors and acts as a barrier against certain oils, synthetic fluids and aqueous solutions.
  • Electronics environmental testing which is a rigorous testing programme to ensure that your products perform properly under stress in harsh environments.
  • Electronics potting which is a method of protecting completed electronic assembled units that use a solid or gelatinous compound to safeguard against environmental hazards.
  • PCB rework and repair which can involve a range of procedures to fix faulty or damaged circuit boards, including cleaning, conformal coating removal and replacement, bow and twist repair, hole repair and rework and replacement of components including BGA (Ball Grid Array).
  • Electronics prototyping which, if required, is a part of the electronics manufacturing process that is vital to the functionality and performance of your finished product, and therefore must be carried out expertly and efficiently to verify the design before moving into full production.
  • Direct shipping to end customers which is a service that ensures that your products reach your end customers in perfect condition, protecting them against various shipping hazards.

What you need to know about your outsourcing options

Printed circuit boards are becoming increasingly complex as the number of electronic devices driven by this technology continues to expand. As such, it is vital that you have in the place the right PCB assembly strategy and access to the right electronics manufacturing processes.

Key to achieving this goal is having the best contract electronics manufacturing partner. Such a partner will help ensure that you are using the right electronics manufacturing solutions and that your PCB assembly service delivers the product quality and performance that you want.

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