Electronics Coating

Coating your PCBA increases its lifespan, reducing the risk of failure and enhancing its resistance to corrosion and humidity, dust, chemicals and temperature extremes. We offer a number of coating options to ensure superior quality for your electronic products.

Coating options available

Conformal coating is a thick polymeric film applied to a PCBA, which protects the board and its components from the environment and corrosion. The film ‘conforms’ to the shape of the circuit board and its components, protecting solder joints, the electronic components, exposed traces and other zones on the board from corrosion and thereby extending the working life of the PCB assembly.

MPE Electronics works with established, local partners with the range of equipment and technical expertise to produce conformal coatings, including:

Urethane Conformal coating

Urethane coating cures to a durable, scratch resistant and smooth finish. This type of coating offers excellent moisture resistance when accurately applied as well as good protection in harsh environments. It provides good chemical resistance and good electrical insulation, however it is brittle, making it prone to absorbing moisture, and can yellow over time.


Silicone Conformal coating

Silicone conformal coating can protect PCBAs over a wider temperature range than other coatings. This type of coating is resistant to chemicals, moisture and vibration. Silicone conformal coating adheres well to a variety of PCBA materials and, most significantly, is compatible with thermal paste, a crucial element in high-temperature application PCBAs. It is especially well suited to Flexible PCBs for which the ability to bend is essential, although it offers poor abrasion protection due to its rubbery nature.


Acrylic Conformal coating

Acrylic conformal coating is convenient to apply and cures quickly. The end result is a transparent layer that is easy to visually inspect and repair if necessary. Acrylic conformal coating provides a degree of flexibility, allowing it to accommodate minor mechanical stresses and vibrations without cracking or delaminating. For applications demanding protection against solvents and high-temperature conditions, or requiring a higher level of coating hardness, acrylic coatings may not meet the specific protective requirements.

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