Electronics Box Build Assembly / Product Assembly

Box Build is the complete assembly of PCB assemblies into cases, enclosures or chassis'.

The box build process can range from simply fitting a printed circuit board assembly (PCB) into an enclosure to the installation of sub-assemblies or modules, the fitting of other components and cable harnesses. Furthermore, the final product may also require potting or encapsulation and final test.

The use of a turnkey PCB assembly solution is a common strategy. This type of box-build outsourcing service is designed to deliver maximum efficiency, including the optimisation of lead times for customers for whom speed to market is critical. We can offer the whole turnkey option, just the PCB assembly or just the box build.

With all the different levels of the final box build being manufactured under one roof the customer benefits from a higher level of quality. This is due to the whole product being engineered at the very beginning of the process and controlled by the NPI process. Also, it negates the risk of damage or loss during the packaging and transportation to different manufacturers for the next stage in the build process.

We use a range of test equipment, our own and our customers’, to ensure the assembly is fit-for-purpose and performs its functions to the defined specifications.

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PCB Rework

MPE Electronics can carry out PCB rework and replace all component types, including BGAs (Ball Grid Arrays) using a PDRX410 Ball Grad Array placement and rework system.

PCB rework can also be completed using the 4 Hako hot air rework stations in our workshop.

If you require a printed circuit board rework, contact our team for more information.

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