MPE demonstrates commitment to clients’ needs with dedicated full product wet tag assembly and manufacturing facility

Dec 12, 2023Company News

wet tag assembly area

In an effort to meet the growing market demand for their products and ensure supply chain resilience, a leading global tyre manufacturing company has partnered with MPE Electronics, a trusted electronic assembly service provider, to establish a custom-built wet tag assembly line. This strategic collaboration has not only strengthened the client’s supply chain but also enhanced their commitment to product safety in the mining industry.

Nicola Evans, Managing Director of MPE Electronics, emphasised the importance of this partnership, saying, “After receiving recommendations about MPE’s ability to adapt, and having already worked with us for several years, they readily approached us.”

Wet tags are specialised sensors installed in large haulage trucks and earthmovers used in the mining industry. They continuously monitor tyre pressure, temperature and geolocation, contributing to enhanced safety and tyre performance.

Mitigating supply chain disruption and human risk

The global tyre manufacturer faced increasing demand from their customers to incorporate wet tag sensors in their products. Given the stringent safety regulations in the mining industry, ensuring the quality and availability of essential components like wet tags was crucial. Partnering with MPE Electronics as a second full product wet tag assembly service provider has allowed them to diversify their supply chain and reduce the risk of disruption.

MPE Electronics’ ‘can-do’ approach

Renowned for its ‘can-do’ approach, MPE Electronics conducted a feasibility study to ensure the successful set-up of the wet tag assembly line. This involved detailed planning, space allocation, equipment procurement and adherence to quality and safety standards. The ceramic boards, a critical component of wet tag production, are fabricated by a specialist supplier, already selected by the original wet tag designer and manufacturer. The team at MPE has also built a reliable and positive relationship with this supplier, further reinforcing the control of their supply chain.

Nicola Evans explains: “The secondary facility required a total revamp, including the installation of new benches and shelving to accommodate the production and testing requirements. We also needed to build a room specifically designed to carry out the oil filling and cleaning processes, built to fire safety standards. We took care of every single detail to make sure we could hit the ground running when it came to production.”

wet tag oil filling process

Fast results and client satisfaction

Within the first month, MPE Electronics produced 300 units, with production increasing to 600 units by October and the capacity to produce up to 900 units per month. A recent two-day audit carried out by the client, which examined all aspects of the production process and supply chain, resulted in a resounding success.

“The audit really put everything under the microscope, and I’m proud to say we passed with flying colours. We showed the client we can do this and that we can keep on doing this reliably,” noted Nicola Evans.

Ready for more

MPE Electronics’ successful collaboration with the global tyre manufacturer has not only met production quotas but also demonstrated the company’s capability to support clients’ ambitious growth plans, with the ability to adapt to their specific or changing needs, and offering a full end-to-end service, including logistics and distribution.

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MPE Electronics is a leading electronic assembly service provider, specialising in meeting the unique needs of its clients through a ‘can-do’ approach and comprehensive expertise in manufacturing and assembly. With a strong commitment to quality and safety, MPE Electronics has a proven track record of delivering reliable solutions to a wide range of industries.


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