How PCB applications are used in the construction industry

May 10, 2022Applications

How PCB applications are used in the construction industry

The use of PCB assemblies in the construction industry is growing rapidly as the development of technology and the digitalisation of processes are advancing project and site management.

The construction industry is using more and more electronic systems in relation to site safety and security and other key areas of project management. High-grade PCB assemblies are integral to the functionality of these systems and applications.

As a result of this trend, an increasing number of construction industry firms are using PCB assembly specialists to manufacture tailor-made PCB solutions.

Which construction applications need PCB assemblies?

PCB assemblies are used in a growing number of construction industry systems and applications as the sector adopts more electronics equipment and systems.

The growth in the use of digital technology and the increase in the availability of onsite connectivity are allowing construction firms to successfully target greater efficiency, smarter, safer working conditions and higher project delivery quality.

For example, construction site applications that require PCB assemblies include:

  • Motion sensors
  • Hazard lights
  • Safety, exit and spot lighting
  • Access monitoring and security systems
  • Smoke alarm systems
  • Construction vehicle tyre monitors
  • Construction worker proximity sensors
  • On-site communications equipment

How PCB-powered construction applications are improving safety

A good example of how the construction industry is using PCB-powered electronic equipment is the use of hard hat sensors that allow firms to better safeguard the safety of employees and meet strict safety obligations.

This application works by fitting sensors to hard hats or other PPE, such as Hi-Vis jackets, and installing receiver units in the cabs of machinery operating on site. If the machinery gets too close to an employee, or vice versa, an alert is sent to the worker.

Similarly, construction firms are increasingly using tyre sensor technology to monitor tyre performance on site vehicles. Drivers and site managers are alerted by the sensor if the tyre temperature or pressure go outside specified parameters so that the vehicle can be serviced before the tyre explodes. Tyre explosions are very dangerous, putting the lives of drivers and anyone close by at risk.

Construction applications and your PCB assembly partner

Against a backdrop of the greater use of electronic systems and applications, and the need to adhere to ever stricter regulations and tighter deadlines, it is important that construction equipment manufacturers choose the right PCB assembly partner.

A specialist PCB assembly service provider will have the experience and expertise, the resources and the flexibility to develop and deliver the PCB assemblies and finished products that you need to ensure that disruptions are minimised and budget and scheduling targets are met.

The right contract electronics manufacturer will provide the guarantee of quality, reliability and efficiency that ensures that your systems and applications perform to the high standard you require and allow you meet and surpass your client expectations.

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