How PCB assemblies are used in the oil and gas manufacturing industry

Jan 11, 2022Applications

How PCB assemblies are used in the oil and gas manufacturing industry

PCB assemblies are used across the oil and gas manufacturing industry and demand is rising as processes become increasingly digitalised and connected and more advanced electronic equipment is developed.

Oil and gas is an industry characterised by a high level of innovation and, as a result, it is using more and more electronic systems in key areas. High-grade PCB assemblies are crucial to the functionality of these systems and applications.

This trend, and the acute reliance on quality and reliability, is why an increasing number of oil and gas industry manufacturers are using PCB assembly specialists to produce bespoke PCB solutions.

The uses of PCB assemblies in the oil and gas manufacturing industry

PCB assemblies are used in a wide range of oil and gas industry applications and systems. The sector relies on an array of complex electronic equipment that has to retrieve precise data and provide accurate readings under harsh and stressful conditions.

For example, PCB assemblies are integral to the functionality of electronic equipment that is used in onshore and offshore drilling operations, from tools to data recording devices. This technology must be resistant to vibration, shock and soil stiffness, as well as high temperatures and pressures.

PCB assemblies are also used in precision sensor technology and equipment that is used to measure, monitor and maintain vital oil and gas industry infrastructure such as rigs, pipelines, wells and storage apparatus.

Flow management equipment and PCB assemblies

Flow measurement equipment is a key oil and gas sector application, used to measure and control the flow of gas and oil, and is an integral part of the industry’s operational infrastructure.

A wide range of flow measurement devices are manufactured for the industry and quality and reliability are incredibly important. The measurement and control of mass flow is integral to operational and cost efficiencies for the companies involved in gas and oil extraction and supply.

As such, the PCB assemblies that are used in flow management equipment must comply with highly detailed specifications and must be of the highest standard. These demands underline the importance of using a PCB assembly specialist.

Quality assurance and your PCB assembly supplier

How oil and gas industry technology is used and the key decisions and high costs that are related to its application means there is a huge focus on the quality and reliability of the PCB assemblies that power these systems.

This is why choosing a specialist PCB assembly supplier is critical. For example, the right partner will deliver the quality and reliability required through the use of automated optical inspection and front-end engineering, and tailoring this technology to specific product design.

They will ensure that electrostatic discharge precautions are observed at all stages of the manufacturing process and that all components are packaged and stored correctly according to their moisture sensitivity level, and are protected by the right electrostatic discharge protective packaging.

By using a PCB assembly supplier that provides this level of service and operates to these standards, you can be confident that you will receive the high-grade PCB assemblies that you need to help ensure your applications and systems perform as you and the industry demand.

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