Case Study: PCB Assembly For Industrial Measurement Electronics

Ex~i Flow requires industrial measurement electronics PCBs. It is a Hi-Tech Control Systems company that creates complex products for many industries and often requires changes to their specification, sometimes at short notice, making forecasting and scheduling difficult.

MPE has developed a solution that enables rapid change of the Automated Surface Mount Machinery to produce the range of the customer’s printed circuit board assemblies at short notice.

Ex~i Flow Measurement is a long-term client of MPE Electronics and uses PCB assemblies manufactured by us at the heart of their flow measurement equipment for the oil and gas industry.

Precision In Printed Circuit Boards Fabrication

As so many important, and potentially expensive, decisions are made based on flow rates in the oil and gas industry, measuring equipment must be as accurate as humanly possible. Flaws in these systems could lead to projections, investments and resource allocation being incorrect and costing dearly. Thus, any contract electronics manufacturers working with Ex~i Flow must adhere to high standards indeed.

A Relationship Built On Trust

Due to these exacting standards, Ex~i Flow needed an industrial measurement electronics PCB manufacturer they could put their faith in, as inaccuracies and delays could be very costly to their reputation with their own clients. Having heard that MPE Electronics provided the very highest quality and are a company that can be relied on, they selected us to assemble printed circuit boards for their flow measurement product. In 2009 we started working closely with them to develop a service that met their exacting standards and have been doing so ever since.

“MPE were chosen by us because of their reputation for high standards and to date we have been delighted with the reliability and quality of product supplied.”

We’re here to help

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As a team, we’re proud that we have been able to leap in and meet unit production quotas already. But what this really means is that we’ve proven to the client, ourselves, and prospective clients that they can continue to pursue ambitious growth plans when they partner with us.

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