Achieving manufacturing excellence with contract product assembly

Aug 13, 2019Contract electronics manufacturing, Full box build assembly

Achieving manufacturing excellence with contract product assembly

A defining characteristic of today’s manufacturing industry is the accelerating pace of innovation. The ability to innovate has never been so important for manufacturers. In an increasingly global marketplace, framed by fierce competition, selective customers and politically motivated changes in trading conditions, innovation more than ever is critical to success.

This dynamism has created a new smart manufacturing environment, with contract product assembly a key component of this advanced manufacturing landscape.

Redefining manufacturing innovation and the role of contract product assembly

Innovation no longer lies solely in product design. Manufacturing excellence requires the application of innovation on a wider scale, in particular to the design-to-manufacturing process; to how products are made and brought to market.

As design cycles have shortened in the wake of greater competition, time-to-market has become an increasingly critical factor in the success of a product.

And this is where contract electronics manufacturers fit into the smart manufacturing landscape. With their expertise and specialism in the manufacture of electronics, contract electronics manufacturers and their advanced manufacturing services are vital to ensuring that design success is turned into market success.

The partnership of advanced manufacturing and contract product assembly

The landmark UK design-to-manufacturing trade shows, TCT Show and Northern Manufacturing & Electronics, which both take place in the autumn, showcase the latest in design, engineering and manufacturing technology, with a focus on world-leading additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

These events are a chance to learn about the latest developments in advanced manufacturing, in particular around the design-to-manufacturing process. Notably, this focus includes how contract service providers fit into the smart manufacturing environment and how their services are helping OEM and Tier-1 companies to keep pace with industry evolution and to stay competitive in an increasingly busy marketplace.

How contract product assembly is vital to smart manufacturing

Optimisation is critical to the smart manufacturing process and contract product assembly is becoming increasingly essential to achieving and maximising it.

When involved at the right time, contract electronics manufacturers, such as MPE Electronics, are helping OEM and Tier-1 companies to streamline manufacturing processes and reduce related overhead costs, while improving product quality and accelerating time-to-market.

At the same time, outsourced manufacturing partners that provide end-to-end product assembly services, incorporating design, testing, quality control and manufacturing, are giving OEM and Tier-1 companies greater freedom to innovate where it counts. These firms can allocate more resources to developing and evolving products, which helps ensure that they maintain their status and revenue streams in the face of constant market pressure.

How contract electronics manufacturers are fuelling UK manufacturing excellence

Part of the reason why industry-leading companies are able to invest in new technology and pursue cutting-edge product development, and maintain a leading market profile, is their use of contract electronics manufacturers and the benefits that they get from contract product assembly services.

This is how contract product assembly is helping achieve manufacturing excellence in the UK and why the right contract product assembly partner is fast becoming an essential part of the smart manufacturing process.

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