10 signs of a successful contract electronics manufacturing partnership

For an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), it is critical that the relationship you have with your contract electronics manufacturing partner functions well.

Whether you outsource product assembly or PCB assembly, the right relationship, based on a clear set of best practices, should deliver a host of benefits that optimise your assembly process and improve the quality of your product.

How to tell if your contract electronics manufacturing partnership is working

Want to know if your contract electronics manufacturing partnership is as good as it can be? Here are 10 signs that it is:

  1. You trust each other
    You trust your electronics manufacturing partner to do what you’re paying them for and you are happy to give them the freedom to apply their expertise to your product. Your partner should be operating as a part of your team and contributing positively to product development and business strategy.
  2. Both you and your partner are fully engaged
    You are providing regular input and guidance and your CEM partner is quick to offer expert feedback and advice. This is a key feature of a successful contract electronics manufacturing partnership and has many benefits, including enhanced product development and faster innovation.
  3. Your relationship is open and transparent
    Your partnership operates in an open and informed working environment. You have a clear view of how your partner functions and you are comfortable giving them information about your product and how it fits into your company and market.
  4. Communication is clear and regular
    There is a dedicated communication channel between you and your partner, with an emphasis on frequent and open two-way communication. You and your electronic manufacturer are comfortable raising issues, discussing opportunities and talking strategy.
  5. Standards are consistently high
    You are benefiting from dedicated product assembly expertise, advanced product assembly technology, and a comprehensive and reliable supplier network. Your product assembly is carried out in strict accordance with national and international standards, such as ISO certifications.
  6. Your partner can seamlessly adapt to changes in your schedule
    Your partner has the resources and flexibility to respond to the development of your product portfolio and meet spikes in demand. You can rely on them to deliver exactly what you need when you need it.
  7. Reworking is quick and efficient
    Your partner responds quickly to product assembly issues and problems, and addresses and resolves them quickly. They have the expertise and experience to make sure reworking happens swiftly and economically and doesn’t impact schedules and profit margins.
  8. Delivery is to schedule and lead times are optimised
    You can rely on your contract electronics manufacturing partner to meet your delivery schedules. They have the supply chain management framework that means your lead times are optimised and that your market needs are met.
  9. You have a planning system in place
    You have a planning system in place that provides your partner with regular product-related forecasting. This system gives them the capacity and flexibility to maximise their expert contribution to your product assembly process. This helps ensure the high quality of your product.
  10. You have more time for innovation
    By efficiently and effectively managing your product assembly requirements, your contract electronics manufacturing partner allows you to allocate more time and resources for innovation, to improve and develop your product.

If your contract electronics manufacturing partnership ticks all 10 of these boxes, then you have a successful outsourcing relationship. If it doesn’t, you’re not working with the best.

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