Advances in Manufacturing Technology

Apr 9, 2018Contract electronics manufacturing

Advances in Manufacturing Technology

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) looking for ways to improve and streamline their operations to meet modern demands will discover exciting new solutions at the annual MACH event for engineers and manufacturers, featuring some of the most advanced technology entering the manufacturing industry today.

Printed circuit board assemblies are at the heart of so many electronics manufacturing operations and an essential component of equipment used in those operations. So here is our guide to some of the latest advances in manufacturing technology that will be on display at MACH 2018.


For high precision and high-volume operations, being able to automate the production of parts with reliable repeatability and accuracy is essential. KERN will be at MACH 2018 showing how their KERN Micro CNC machining centre can make manufacturing more efficient by reducing wastage, saving time and lengthening sampling intervals for quality control. That why, when we assemble printed circuit boards for automation, we use rigorous quality control systems to ensure they’re as reliable and durable as they possibly can be and meet our customers’ specifications exactly.

Additive Manufacturing

Equipment like Renishaw’s RenAM 500Q multi-laser AM system saves time, space and resources by allowing manufacturers to make parts and tools on demand rather than having to hold parts in stock for machines that could become obsolete very quickly as technology moves on. Additive manufacturing is also ideal for customising products for individual customers’ specifications, which is a growing trend in the manufacturing world. Another way electronics manufacturers can save time, space and resources is to outsource part or all of their product assembly. We have a great deal of experience in undertaking this type of work and can deliver exactly what our customers require within specified time frames.

Augmented Reality

Another way manufacturing technology is responding to the need for quick change and shifting requirements is to make staff training more efficient. Boxford are using augmented reality to do that with their welding training system, which they’ll be demonstrating at MACH 2018. Their system allows trainees to practice their techniques over and over without using up consumables, taking up real workshop space and without risk of injury or gas inhalation. Outsourcing to a contract electronics manufacturer also reduces the need to retrain in-house staff.

The world of electronics manufacturing is moving so fast that innovations like this and the use of the Internet of Things and smart manufacturing are necessary to keep manufacturers agile enough to meet constantly changing demands.

MPE Electronics is pleased to not only provide the kind of complex printed circuit board assemblies essential to emerging new technologies but can also help manufacturers increase their flexibility by providing contract electronics manufacturing services.

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