PCB Assemblies in Flow Measurement for the Oil and Gas Industry

Dec 12, 2017Applications

PCB Assemblies in Flow Measurement for the Oil and Gas Industry

The ability to take accurate measurements has always been vital in the oil and gas industry and with prices currently so volatile it’s more important than ever. With data playing a major role in critical decision-making, oil and gas operators rely heavily on specialist equipment to gather the information they need, such as the flow measurement systems designed and manufactured by long-standing MPE Electronics’ customer Exiflow Measurement.

Celebrating 10 years of flow measurement

This year Exiflow Measurement celebrates its tenth anniversary. Having started in 2007, two years later the company launched its flagship product, the SFC3000 Flow Computer, to meet the needs of the worldwide liquid hydro-carbon and gas measurement markets and to help manage and conserve Earth’s dwindling energy resources by providing versatile and accurate measurement.

The SFC3000 is manufactured using state-of-the-art design methods and components, among them PCB assemblies supplied by MPE Electronics.

The importance of reliability and quality

During the process of designing the SFC3000, Exiflow began the search to find a contract electronics manufacturer that could produce PCB assemblies to the exacting standards required. David Ward, Exiflow’s managing director, was looking for an electronic assembly partner with a reputation for reliability and quality.

“We chose MPE because of their reputation for high standards and to date we have been delighted with the reliability and quality of product supplied,” says David.

Helping our customers keep their promises

MPE Electronics’ commitment to high standards and quality assurance allows its customers to keep their promises and product guarantees to their customers.

Exiflow Measurement supplies the SFC3000 with an expected product design lifetime of 10 years and guarantees that the product, or a direct equivalent, will be available until at least 2020, with technical support and service available for a further five years. This is achieved by handling individual electronic circuit boards and assemblies as completed components and fully tested and programmed prior to storage.

This approach allows Exiflow to assemble, test and pack a unit in less than three hours and means spare parts are readily available.

“Our customers place a very high dependence on reliability, quality and on-time delivery,” says David. “We can confidently place orders with MPE in the knowledge that they will be delivered on time and we will be able to use the PCB assemblies in the heart of our products”.

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