What to Consider when Designing and Laying out a PCB

Nov 14, 2017Contract electronics manufacturing, PCB assembly

Printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies often have to perform highly complex functions to fulfil the purpose of the products they are built into. So when it comes to designing and laying out a PCB assembly it is always best to start with the desired end results in mind.

An experienced and expert contract electronic assembly specialist will always want to understand the end requirements of their customer. And while they will also want to know and adhere to the desired delivery schedule, they will place the greatest emphasis on the planning and preparation phase of any project and have in place a streamlined process to deliver the best PCB assemblies for the job.

Designing a PCB assembly

Space is always at a huge premium when creating PCB assemblies so the choice of components, the way they connect and the way they are laid out will all affect functionality, cost and time.  For example, the number of layers the PCB assembly will have is a complex decision as the more layers, the greater the capacity and the higher the cost potentially.  Signal and power requirements will need to be taken into consideration when creating the right layout and deciding on via types.  All this must be worked out and decided before the resource planning can begin.


Using a sophisticated piece of software, we can plan, not just the components and equipment we will need to create the required PCB assembly, but also the impact it will have on our staff and capacity.  It allows us to give a very accurate lead time on delivering the finished product with no need to compromise on anything.  Our engineering team establish which manufacturing methods will be the most appropriate and ensure we have the tooling, the processes and the training in place to carry it out.  Continuously updating our system allows us to stay ahead of the emerging new technology and processes needed to create state of the art PCB assemblies.


We have a dedicated team and more specialised software to purchase the best components from suppliers around the world.  Our software lets us source the components that will meet our clients’ exacting requirements at the best price and with a realistic delivery time so we can factor this into our planning.  As components generally have different storage and handling process requirements, our database stores all that information so it’s on hand when we need it.  If required, we can test components before we place them to ensure they function the way we need them to.  We can also buy in specialist equipment and tooling if we believe it is the best way to fulfil our customers’ requirements.

At MPE Electronics, we have used our extensive experience and invested considerable time and money into making sure the planning and design phase of creating PCB assemblies is correct as this is so vital to the smooth running of the manufacturing process.  As our PCB assemblies are bespoke and requirements can change late on in the process, we need such a robust system to allow for this flexibility and provide the level of service our customers expect.  To find out what we can do for your electronics manufacturing operation, contact us here or call 01825 764822.

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