Contract & Systems Planning

How we Meet our Customers’ Requirements

Planning begins from receipt of order, or contract, or forecast and stems from the acceptance of the quotation.

The contract review process triggers an immediate and parallel set of activities to provide the acknowledged delivery date to the customer. On line and real time capacity and materials planning software can determine the impact each order has on the resources, both machine and people, needed and the pre-determined component lead times will make the operations team aware of when the work can be started. The engineering team work in parallel and ensure that the methods of manufacture are clear and that tooling, if needed, is purchased, new processes, again, if needed, are identified and training is given to ensure the product can be assembled to meet the specification.

Continuous development of our computer systems has enabled the team at  MPE to deliver high standards of service. MPE can, at the press of a button, provide information about the status of an order in the factory from its receipt through to delivery including the status of the supply chain that supports it. Communication of that status is the key to MPE success in meeting our customers’ expectations. The accurate progress of each order can be provided to the Customer on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The speed of information provides a tool for flexibility such that changes to demand or specification are dealt with efficiently and show the immediate impact on resources and materials to assist production management to make informed decisions. It is this, professionalism, flexibility and ability to adapt that keeps customers coming back to us year after year.


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