MPE boosts production efficiency with new pick-and-place machine

Mar 1, 2024Company News

new pick and place machine

MPE Electronics’ new MY300DX pick-and-place machine, manufactured by Mycronic, signifies the contract electronic manufacturer’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in PCB assembly.

pick-and-place machine is an automated manufacturing tool that uses robotic arms and advanced vision systems to precisely pick up electronic components from a supply source and accurately place them onto a printed circuit board (PCB). Installed in February of this year, MPE’s new machinery will play a crucial role in both the full volume and batch production of PCB assemblies for customers. In replacing their previous machinery, MPE has also taken an important step to mitigate any potential disruptions to manufacturing and ultimately customers’ supply chains.

Nicola Evans, Managing Director of MPE Electronics, explains, “The new machine enhances our ability to populate more boards with a broader range of components, including CSPs, FCs or BGAs. The high speed mountheads and 4k resolution vision systems mean we have the ability to place 37,000 more components per hour than our current machines. The accompanying analysis software enables us to consistently monitor our run rates and down times, as well as stock levels.”

As with all other PCB assemblies the company manufactures, MPE will be able to provide clients with full traceability of those produced on the new machine, down to the individual PCB ID level.


Greater speed and flexibility with advanced precision

Thanks to its high-speed, all-in-one mounthead, MPE’s new MY300DX machine can place up to 40,000 components per hour accurately and consistently, without compromising production quality. Operating at higher speeds means MPE is well equipped to meet larger production quotas for their customers.

On-the-fly changeovers and assembly line set-ups will also be faster. Changeovers between products will now also be possible, owing to the fact that the machinery is programmable and combines intelligent feeders (devices that hold trays containing the electronic components) and magazines (containers for feeders) that are quick and easy to load whilst the machine is still running. This will significantly reduce downtime and allow MPE to respond to changing orders quickly.

The machine’s component feeding system, Agilis™, featuring up to 224 feeder positions, has been specifically designed with accuracy in mind. The more feeder positions, the greater the variety of components the machine can hold, without requiring frequent changeovers. This avoids the need to stop production to switch feeders between different components and reduces the potential for errors typically associated with changeover processes.


MPE’s new machinery minimises costs

MPE’s substantial investment in the MY300DX pick-and-place machine indicates the contract electronic manufacturer’s long term commitment to minimising overall lead-times and costs for their customers.

State-of-the-art automation reduces the possibility of errors occurring during the placement of components, eliminating the variability of quality or potential PCB defects typically associated with manual assembly or relying on outdated machinery. This consequently lowers the costs that typically result from rework or having to scrap flawed products. The new machinery provides consistent repeatable results, improving overall product quality and reducing potential costs associated with product returns or repairs.

Reducing manual labour wherever possible and replacing older machinery that requires increasing repair work leads to considerable cost savings for MPE itself and customers over time.

MPE Electronics:

MPE Electronics is an established and experienced contract electronics manufacturer specialising in PCB assemblies and full box build assembly for a wide range of commercial and industrial businesses.

To find out how MPE Electronics’ PCB manufacturing and assembly services can benefit your business, contact our expert and friendly team on +44 (0)1825 764822 or

CSPs are Chip Scale Packaging, the major benefit of which is to save a considerable amount of space over using traditional Ball Grid Array (BGA) packaging, which is a type of surface-mount packaging typically used for integrated circuits. FCs are Flexible circuits, which can eliminate bulky wire and solder connections to save space and reduce weight on a printed circuit board


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