PCB applications in the safety and security industry

Oct 12, 2021Applications

PCB applications in the safety and security industry

The demand for PCB assemblies is growing in the safety and security industry as the development of technology is allowing more effective and more efficient protection of lives and property.

Safety and security systems are becoming increasingly advanced and most applications, whether they are voice activated, audio visual or key control systems, are electronic. At the same time, the world is ever more risk-averse and, as a result, we are more inclined to make use of products designed to improve individual, company and national safety.

PCBs are integral to the functionality of electronic safety and security systems. This is why more and more original equipment manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers across the industry spectrum need specialist PCB assembly services.

Which security products and systems need PCB assemblies?

PCBs and PCB assembly services are required for safety and security applications made by manufacturers in a wide range of industries, from rail, transport infrastructure and aerospace to construction, oil and gas and nuclear energy, as well as theme parks, hospitality and retail.

These applications are vital to ensuring safety and security in a variety of settings, playing an important role in providing public safety and service, and employee safety, and helping companies meet and exceed corporate responsibility mandates and targets.

Examples of safety and security products and systems that require PCB assemblies include:

  • Door-entry systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Public address systems
  • Fire safety management
  • Road safety and information signage
  • Rail network management systems
  • Airport customer information systems
  • Construction vehicle tyre monitors
  • Construction worker proximity sensors

How PCB-powered applications are improving safety and security

A good example of a PCB-powered safety and security application is the tyre sensor technology used by tyre manufacturers to monitor tyre performance on mining industry vehicles.

The sensor and receiver unit technology alerts the driver and a central hub if the tyre temperature or pressure goes outside specified parameters so that the vehicle can be moved off site and serviced before the tyre blows. Tyre explosions are incredibly dangerous, putting the lives of drivers and anyone close by at serious risk.

Similarly, the use of helmet sensors and receiver units by construction companies allows them to better safeguard the safety of employees and meet their safety obligations. Sensors are fitted to hard hats or other PPE, such as Hi-Vis jackets, and receiver units are put in the cabs of machinery operating in the area. If the machinery gets too close to ground personnel or vice versa, an alert is sent to the worker.

Another example of a security application that requires a PCB assembly is a key management system. These types of systems, often card readers, allow companies to strictly control access to sites or specific areas of facilities, improving safety and security for individuals and at the corporate level.

Safety and security applications and your PCB assembly partner

With the development of safety and security applications and the role that this technology plays in providing safety and security for individuals, companies and countries, it is vital that these products and systems function to a high standard. This makes your choice of PCB assembly partner critical.

A specialist PCB manufacturer will have the experience and expertise to develop and produce the PCB assemblies you need. The right partner will be able to provide guidance and feedback on application design from a manufacturing stability point of view and will have the capacity and flexibility to work to short lead times so that tight deadlines can be met.

With this guarantee of quality and efficiency, you can be sure that your applications will perform as your customers expect and help provide the safety and security that is required.

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