MPE Electronics - supporting key industries during Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic, otherwise known as COVID-19, has swept the planet, leaving disruption and devastation in its wake. As the UK continues in its fight to beat the virus, here at MPE Electronics we have remained fully operational, supporting key industries and fulfilling the needs of our regular customers, while adhering to the necessary Government guidelines relating to the pandemic.

Some of the key industries that MPE Electronics has been able to support as a contract electronics manufacturer during this time have included those operating in the medical, transport and military sectors.

MPE Electronics supports the UK medical industry

The UK has depended more on the medical industry in the last few months than at any time in the last century. And British contract electronics manufacturers have played their part in enabling this sector to carry out its vital role to maximum effect.

MPE has been involved in providing medical industry equipment, including PCB assemblies for analysis equipment that supports Coronavirus testing, robot surgeons and other lab equipment.

We are proud that those operating in the medical industry have trusted MPE to carry on supplying medical parts in a time of such severe crisis and we remain open to support the critical supply needs of all industries affected by Covid-19, as well as our regular PCB assembly and product assembly customers.

Keeping the UK moving forward

In addition to the contract electronics manufacturing support that MPE has provided for the medical industry, we have also been able to assist the transport industry, which is looking to make vital upgrades to the UK rail network while times are quieter. Additionally, we have been able to provide PCB assemblies for the UK military for use in the development of communication devices.

Ready for business

We would like to assure our customers that we are strictly following government and WHO guidelines to help keep our staff and families safe and to protect the future business of MPE. This includes the maintenance of social distancing, which is easily implemented and adhered to throughout our factories, as well as stringent cleaning and sanitisation practices, and the provision of necessary screening and safety equipment to allow production to continue to run safely and smoothly.

Using the latest information from the government, the MPE management team also created a Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure the business remains fully functional at this difficult time, as follows:

  • In the event of a factory having to be closed during the current Covid-19 pandemic, we will utilise the remaining two factories to enable continuous manufacture.
  • Employees from the closed factory can work split shifts if needed, after following a 14-day period of self-isolation.
  • The surface mount pick and place machines and the AOI machines sited in two of the factories are from the same manufacturer so they are completely compatible and the programmes can be accessed from a central server.
  • All operations, except environmental and some bespoke testing, can be carried out in all three factories.

MPE manufactures electronics products for a number of critical supply customers and we will remain open to support these and all our customers during these difficult times. Find out more about the work we do – contact us on +44 (0)1825 764822 or