10 frequently asked questions about contract product assembly

Sep 10, 2019Contract electronics manufacturing, Full box build assembly

10 frequently asked questions about contract product assembly

The outsourcing of product assembly to a contract equipment manufacturer is a significant step that more and more OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers are taking.

Naturally, carrying out due diligence and wanting to know how an outsourcing partnership will work are part of the decision-making process.

To help you find the answers to your contract product assembly questions, we have put together this FAQ-style guide.

Is contract product assembly cost-effective?

Yes. The cost of operating in-house manufacturing facilities is significant. There are a lot of direct and indirect overheads, such as those relating to buildings, equipment, storage, materials and staff. Using a contract equipment manufacturer gives you a cost-efficient means of high-quality product assembly without having to invest heavily in infrastructure.

Will using contract product assembly services affect my product quality?

No. Using contract product assembly services can improve the quality of your product. You benefit from access to highly skilled personnel and advanced manufacturing technology, as well as specialist product development expertise. Also, an ISO-certified outsourcing partner will ensure that your work is carried out in accordance with national and international standards.

How will using contract product assembly services impact my speed-to-market?

It can make your time-to-market consistently quicker. The right outsourcing partner has the processes, resources and stock to ensure that your product gets where you want it when you want it. An experienced contract electronics manufacturer has a wide range of services and connections that they will plug into your manufacturing process. This will give you the speed-to-market that helps to keep you on the front foot in the marketplace.

Will a contract equipment manufacturer be fully committed to my product?

Yes. You benefit from a dedicated partner and the service you receive reflects this status. A contract equipment manufacturer becomes part of your business, putting its dedicated expertise to work on your behalf, as and when you need it. You receive an end-to-end service that is finely tuned to your requirements: every stage of the product assembly process is carried out to the highest standard and your product is always of the highest quality.

What happens if there is a problem with my product assembly?

Any problem with your product assembly is fixed quickly at no extra cost to you. Your outsourcing partner should be committed to the highest quality standards and work hard to ensure that there are no problems with your product assembly. Nevertheless, defects can occur because assembly is a complex procedure. Should this happen, your contract equipment manufacturer will act quickly to resolve the problem.

What happens if my product assembly requirements change?

If your requirements change – for example, if you need to meet a spike in demand for your product or you need to make changes to the composition of your product – a contract equipment manufacturer has the resources and capabilities to give you the capacity and flexibility you need. Your partner will ensure that you maintain a high level of responsiveness and avoid increased lead times.

What are the key benefits of contract product assembly to my business?

Using a contract equipment manufacturer helps you gain a competitive advantage and stand out from the crowd. There are many business benefits of contract product assembly, including reduced overheads, improved efficiency and productivity, greater capacity and flexibility, quicker time-to-market and higher-quality products.

Is it expensive to transfer production to a contract equipment manufacturer?

No. It is a process that can be easily managed. A contract electronics manufacturer will have the personnel and resources to ensure that the switch is carried out seamlessly, without any disturbance to your manufacturing output and market supply. Furthermore, the move allows you to benefit from a range of cost-efficiencies.

When is the right time to involve a contract equipment manufacturer?

To maximise the benefit of using contract product assembly services, you should involve an outsourcing partner as early as possible. This timing has a range of benefits, including greater supply chain security, more efficient transition between product manufacturing phases, greater flexibility in the product development and assembly cycle, and lower overall costs.

Where does MPE Electronics carry out its product assembly work?

MPE Electronics is a UK-based product and PCB manufacturing, assembly, testing and prototyping company. Our offices and facilities are in East Sussex, which is where all of our product and PCB manufacturing and assembly activity takes place. Furthermore, the partners we use for various product and PCB-related activities are also based in the UK.

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