MPE reveals major investment in electronics manufacturing facilities and technology

Jul 24, 2018Company News

MPE reveals major investment in electronics manufacturing facilities and technology

As a leading UK manufacturer of high quality Printed Circuit Board Assemblies, MPE Electronics is continually investing in its facilities, equipment, technology and skills. And our latest programme of investment has seen a major expansion in all of those key areas of the business, bringing with it a corresponding increase in capacity – all in line with our three-year business development plan.

Our latest investment programme, worth £500,000, has brought about a new facility, adding a further 4,000 sq ft of factory space to our manufacturing base in Uckfield, East Sussex, the commissioning of new state-of-the-art equipment, and the recruitment and training of new staff to provide ever-more efficient PCB assembly services for our customers.

A new facility for new PCB assembly technologies

With a brand new facility, MPE’s major investment programme has also seen the addition of three new pieces of technology to the company’s equipment list. The first is a new surface mount assembly line, which incorporates a state-of-the-art, high speed Mycronic MY300DX pick-and-place machine, offering unsurpassed accuracy in component placement.

The second new piece of machinery to be installed is a Mydata SMD Tower 6150-15, which holds 800 reels of components in a temperature-controlled environment. This compact buffer storage unit is automated, flexible and expandable and is can be situated close to the production line, meaning the right component is in the right place, ready for quick and smooth changeovers on our SMT line.

Our third investment is a Europlacer ALD625 Automatic Inspection Machine.

A time of significant growth for MPE

MPE Electronics’ major investments in a new facility and technology is part of a strategic three-year business development plan and a response to increasing customer demands for the PCB assembly services and product assembly services of this established contract electronics manufacturer. The company has seen a 30% growth in turnover already in 2018, with a similar level of growth expected over the following two years – 2019 and 2020.

The company’s plans for growth also include further recruitment, with a moves afoot to employ three to four new members of staff immediately and up to another 10 new staff in the next two years, in line with anticipated increases in work.

Frank George, MPE’s Managing Director, said: “We are becoming a well-known brand in the contract electronics manufacturing sector and are receiving more and more enquiries about our PCB and product assembly services. This programme of investment in new facilities and machinery gives us greater ability to increase our capacity.

“We are part-way through Year One of our three-year business plan and are well-placed to hit our increased turnover target as we move towards 2020. These new investments will allow us to continue to offer the very best, high quality service to our customers.”

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