Bespoke electronics manufacturing for the rail industry

Jun 12, 2018Applications

Bespoke electronics manufacturing for the rail industry

Working for the rail industry is almost as demanding as working for aviation or the military. The regulations and standards governing these industries are so strict that many contract electronics manufacturers do not want to take on the work.

But not MPE Electronics – with our focus on quality, flexibility and communication we boast a long-term relationship with a major supplier to the rail industry, one which has gone from strength to strength over the years and is set to grow in the future.

Outsourcing electronics manufacturing

This client had originally required only small quantities of bespoke electronics manufacturing and had undertaken most of it in-house. But when eventually the quantities required increased they decided it was more cost effective to outsource this part of their operation. An initial foray in outsourcing with a local firm produced unsatisfactory results and so they found themselves looking again for an electronic assembly supplier. This new search brought them to MPE Electronics and when the person in charge of quality control came to inspect our operation and were pleased with what they saw.

For the first few years we took over the smaller quantity work for them but won winning a contract for a larger project more of their team came to see if we could undertake this work for them. After inspecting lots of other facilities, including one of our competitors’ operations shortly after ours, they knew within five minutes, that MPE has an impressive and superior set-up.

End-to-end product assembly

The project manager awarded us the contract to produce 500 printed circuit board assemblies to use in their new project, safe in the knowledge that we had the right equipment and the right level of quality in our work to create something which would be vital to passenger safety in the rail industry.

Our work fitted their requirements so perfectly that they have now commissioned us to assemble the whole product for them. This has involved careful and detailed communication with them to find a better solution to their in-house engineering processes, which had proven problematic.

Service and capability

Working as a supplier for customers in the rail industry requires similar skills and capabilities when it comes to adhering to strict and specific standards as those required for defence contracts.

As we begin preparing to assemble the whole units, our customer is negotiating deals to supply these units to companies in the USA and Australia, which will significantly increase the number of units they require. With our recent investment programme, MPE Electronics has everything in place to complete this higher volume work and also pre-planned to dedicate a specialist cell to their work with new staff and equipment so we can continue meeting their needs at the level they require.

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