The Benefits of a Contract PCB Assembly Partner

Jan 31, 2017Contract electronics manufacturing, PCB assembly, Testing

Electronic product manufacturers design to very exacting standards, especially when producing high precision equipment and instrumentation. Involving other parties in their manufacturing process and the supply of componentry is not, therefore, a decision they take lightly.

The cost to set up in-house manufacturing expertise can run to six and, in some cases, seven figure sums. Management strategy and expertise is also needed to ensure that the latest techniques in manufacturing and the supply chain provide consistent quality in a cost-effective way. At the same time, cash is tied up in the investment in space, machinery, inventory and people.

The choice to source part of or all the manufacturing process from an industry specialist provides a host of benefits. Working with a contract PCB assembly specialist can improve quality, lead time and cost.

Quality PCB Assembly

A contract PCB assembly specialist will ensure that the assemblies will always be manufactured, tested and inspected on the latest hi-tech equipment. The wealth of expertise and experience within the contract assembly services team will also provide benefits. By working closely with you, your specialist supplier will ensure you have the most efficient supply chain for your needs. Additionally, their established and expert assembly, inspection and testing techniques will ensure you receive the best quality product.

Speedy Turnaround

Not only can contract PCB assembly specialists manufacture products in the most efficient way, they do so using the most efficient procedures and equipment. Stocks of components are made available to ensure that the products or assemblies are delivered on time every time to meet your market needs.

Cost Savings

The contract assembly specialist uses economies of scale to purchase components from specialist suppliers in quantities that provides significantly reduced costs. Long-term relationships with those same suppliers across a range of commodities ensures lead times are reduced and high levels of service are achieved.

The contract PCB assembly specialist amortises its significant investment in machinery, space and people to provide the service to a range of customers, significantly reducing the cost to each. Many years of providing the service has ensured that processes are refined and continuously improved to further reduce costs. Long-term relationships with the same contract assembly partner will no doubt help to reduce costs and improve the service to you and ultimately your customers.

Remedial Work

When things go wrong, as they can and do at times, it is reassuring to have a close working relationship with your contract PCB assembly specialist to resolve issues quickly and effectively. Having a partner who takes care of this for you is also beneficial as it will save repair and rework costs, time and worry.

MPE Electronics, through its experienced and well trained staff and investment in the latest machinery, systems and procurement methods, has a solid reputation for producing the highest quality PCB assemblies and products. Our long-standing clients rely on us to manufacture PCB assemblies and products for their application in the shortest timeframe possible and at a fair price.

Contact the team at MPE Electronics now on 01825 764822 or to find out how our specialist contract PCB assembly services could work for you.

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