Keeping our staff safe

May 20, 2021Company News, Quality & compliance

Keeping our staff safe

It is a time of considerable change and adaptation for the whole planet, as the world tries to pick itself up again after the far reaching impacts of COVID-19.

As many people return to their places of work, it is vital that they can feel safe and secure in their working environment.

Safety is a paramount concern for us at MPE Electronics and that is why, in preparation for the return of our teams, we put a series of strict health and safety measures in place.

Screens around each bench in the main assembly area have been installed as a permanent fixture, not only to protect staff already on site, but in preparation for when all staff return from being furloughed.

The Health & Safety Executive was so impressed with the measures that we put in place, and with the screens in particular, that they asked if they could use us as ‘a role model for other companies.’

Other health and safety measures implemented to protect our workforce included the following:

  • All exterior doors at all three factories remain locked to prevent visitors without appointments entering unannounced.
  • We carry out a cleaning routine at least twice daily on door handles, light switches, taps, photocopier, communal keyboards, kettles and kitchen/canteen areas. This was on top of the daily cleaning carried out by our cleaning lady.
  • We reduced the number of benches in the canteen at all three sites to enable greater social distancing.
  • Further staggered tea and lunch breaks have been introduced to decrease the number of staff in the canteen.
  • We introduced a five-minute time gap between breaks to eliminate staff coming and going into and out of the canteen at the same time.
  • Daily temperature checks introduced for all staff and visitors (limited to necessary maintenance/repair services only).
  • Increased cleaning regime following tea/lunch breaks in the canteen, whereby all surfaces, handles, jars etc are cleaned after each break.

At MPE we are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our workforce, which will enable us to continue to guarantee our customers the highest standards and continuous supply in electronics manufacture. To find out more about the PCB manufacturing and assembly services we provide, contact us on +44 (0)1825 764822 or


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