Advances in Security Technology

Feb 28, 2017Applications

As security is such an important concern for home owners and businesses, the technology behind it is constantly improving and updating. With the Security and Policing Home Office Event 2017 coming up in March, we thought this was a golden opportunity to showcase some of the latest technology that will be on display. MPE Electronics manufactures state-of-the-art printed circuit board assemblies to support new developments, such as wireless integration, miniature security systems and robotics to provide cheaper, more compact and effective security solutions.


Smart door locks can be opened using smart phones or keyfobs connected through Bluetooth or WiFi. Other types of door locks open with fingerprint recognition and some are powered by any light source, not just sunlight. Smartphone apps also exist to control garage doors and these can monitor if the door opens while the owner isn’t there to alert them to a potential break-in. Even padlocks are available which open using a Bluetooth connection to a smart phone or with a touchpad.


A huge advancement in new camera technology is the picture resolution. In the past, security cameras have notoriously produced poor quality pictures that make identification of criminals very difficult. The latest cameras have HD resolution, heat signature motion detectors, two-way audio capabilities and can be monitored on a computer or smartphone. Some cameras can even be panned and tilted over WiFi.

Compact Security Units

LG have launched a compact home Smart Security Solution, which is a Smart Hub with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. It comprises a high-resolution camera with night vision, two way audio, an environmental monitor that detects levels of humidity and temperature, and has a 100 decibel siren. In conjunction with ADT, it will have the option of contactless monitoring and/or a live feed via a smartphone app, with push alerts if it detects any abnormalities.

Robots and Drones

For large-scale industrial security operations, companies are developing drones with lights, cameras and alarms that can reach and film potential criminals before a human being could get there. Autonomous security robots are also available as a force multiplier for unpopular and expensive overnight shifts. They are essentially mobile sensor platforms with 360degree vision, motion sensors, lights, cameras, alarms, thermal vision and telepresence capabilities, which can autonomously make security checks and be configured to suit the application.

High-tech security devices rely on sophisticated printed circuit board assemblies to function and, in an application as vital as security, it’s essential that they are reliable, efficient and robust.

At MPE Electronics, we fabricate high quality PCBs, sub-level assemblies and complete products with the reliability and effectiveness essential to the security industry.

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