Paul Carter

Paul Carter

Sales Director

As a Sales Director at MPE Electronics, I am responsible for leading and directing the entire sales team, developing and implementing sales strategies, identifying new business opportunities, and building solid, long-term relationships with MPE’s customers. My current role also involves negotiating prices and terms to attract new business and supporting customer needs, for example, through stock holding, Kanban, and communication with customers about supply chain and current market trends.

My extensive previous experience in sales and supply chain management at MPE allowed me to gain a deep understanding of MPE Electronics as a business and the electronics industry as a whole. As a Sales Director, I endeavour to continue driving growth and success for MPE Electronics while also supporting our customers to ensure they receive the best service available on the market.

I have worked at MPE Electronics since 1991 and previously held the roles of Sales Manager and Supply Chain Manager, having started as a shop floor operator and progressed through the career ladder over the years.

The thing I like most about working for MPE is that it is a very fair company to work for and all levels of staff are very personable and approachable.

“If I was stuck on a desert island, I would take a Multi-tool or Survival Knife, useful for various tasks, including building shelter and preparing food, etc.”

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