Circuit Board Assembly

Printed circuit board assembly is completed as per the requirements of specific customers.  The product may be delivered to our customers or in some cases direct to their clients.

Tailored Solutions For Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Each PCB assembly is different. Each project requires the use of calibrated tooling and test solutions, bespoke test software and equipment, custom metalwork or plastics and customised packaging.

As well as being trained in the generic assembly skills required, our team are trained to assemble a PCB for specific products.

Circuit Board Inspection And Testing

As part of the processes of printed circuit board assembly, we inspect and test to ensure our products fulfil their intended function. We undertake rigorous testing using a variety of methods to make sure every PCB works correctly.

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Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services
PCB Board Soldering
PCB Assembly and PCB Soldering
PCB Assembly for PCB Board

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Advanced contract electronics manufacturing capabilities for fabricating customers’ products and delivering directly to their customers.

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