Through-Hole Assembly

While surface mount technology is the most widely used PCB assembly process, through-hole assembly is prevalent in larger electronic components.

This could include PCB assembly for components such as transformers, connectors, semi-conductors, and electrolytic capacitors, for example. Through-hole assembly is also often used when components need to be mounted on both sides of a circuit board.

Pre-formed components are threaded through pre-drilled holes and soldered onto circuit boards, either by hand or using an automated process.

Why Choose Through-hole Assembly?

Through-hole assembly provides a more robust mechanical bond between the circuit board and the application. Enhanced strength and security make through-hole assembly the preferred option for manufacturers in aerospace and military sectors.

  • Through-hole PCB assembly is well suited to:
  • Applications that must endure high levels of stress
  • Applications that must operate at high speeds
  • Applications that must operate at extreme temperatures, both hot and cold
  • Applications that must operate in high-voltage conditions
  • Fast and straightforward prototyping

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