Case Study: Electronics Manufacturer For Hi-Tech Control Systems

Our client is a Hi-Tech Control Systems company that creates complex products for many industries around the world. Market variations mean that their control systems, of which there are already many variants, must change specification, sometimes at short notice, making forecasting and scheduling difficult. Therefore, they need control systems electronics manufacturing that they can rely on.

MPE has developed a solution that enables rapid change of the Automated Surface Mount Machinery to produce the range of the customer’s PCB assemblies at short notice. Automation in control systems electronics manufacturing allows just-in time supply chain approaches.

“MPE provides a flexible service such that we can and do change requirements on a regular basis, which MPE continuously achieves.”

We’re here to help

If you’re looking for a PCB supplier, ready and prepared to adapt to your specific or changing needs, please contact us at

As a team, we’re proud that we have been able to leap in and meet unit production quotas already. But what this really means is that we’ve proven to the client, ourselves, and prospective clients that they can continue to pursue ambitious growth plans when they partner with us.

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