Plant List – Programming & Test

Electronics manufacturing demands state-of-the-art technologies. That’s why we prioritise ongoing updates and additions to our equipment and machinery. By staying at the forefront of innovation we ensure that our clients receive the very best of what we offer when it comes to electronics manufacturing. This commitment to continuous improvement allows us to deliver exceptional quality and efficiency to all of our customers, every time.

Programming, Test & Inspection

Our plant list includes:

1 x Leap Electronics LER-121A Eprom Eraser
1 x X-JTAG Test runner
1 x Sharetree Cyclone with Ramp rate +/- 20°C Environmental Testing Chamber
1 x Genlab OV/100/SS/F/DIG-R38 Baking oven (Moisture Control)
1 x Genlab OV/125/F/DIG-R38 Baking oven (Moisture Control)
1 x MI Furnaces MINO 75/SS Baking Oven (Moisture Control)
1 x Max-XL Vacuum Packing Machine (Moisture Control)
4 x Hako Temperature controlled hot air rework station
1 x PDR X410 IR Ball Grid Array placement and rework system
1 x Circuitmaster
1 x Vision Lynx with X40 magnification
1 x Ersascope with X400 magnification
6 x Mantis viewing stations with x4 and x8 magnification
3 x ESD continuity testers
2 x SRM-100/3 surface resistance meters for benches and floors
1 x Weller WCB2 digital thermometer
1 x Brother P-Touch 2730 serial label printer
3 x SATO CL4NX label printers

Sharetree Cyclone


PDR X410 IR Ball Grid Array


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